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Adding a private Patreon feed

Pocket Casts allows you to add private Patreon feeds with ease. This guide will help you add your private Patreon feed to your Pocket Casts app and provide information on accessing password-protected podcasts.
  1. Locate your private Patreon feed URL: Log in to your Patreon account, visit the creator’s page you support, and find the custom RSS feed URL they have provided to their supporters. The feed will look something like this:
  2. Copy the private Patreon feed URL: Ensure that you have copied the entire URL, including any unique strings or tokens.
  3. Add the private Patreon feed URL: Paste the URL here: Please ensure you select Private so that it won’t be shared with anyone, or appear in search for anyone else.
  4. Copy the short URL: After you’ve submitted the podcast, the page will give you back a short URL that you can use to access the feed in our iOS and Android apps and Web .
  5. Subscribe to the podcast in the app: The next step is to paste this short URL into the podcast search bar within the app itself (available in either Podcast or Discover tabs).

It might take a while for the feed to be accessible in the app after adding the private Patreon feed URL. If you are unable to access the podcast immediately, try again in a couple of minutes.

Accessing Password-Protected Feed

Some Patreon podcast creators may provide you with a Patreon feed URL that requires a username and password for access. To learn how to add password-protected podcasts to your Pocket Casts app, please refer to our Password-Protected Podcasts Guide.

If you have any issues with a Patreon feed, please contact the Pocket Casts support team via the Contact Page so we can take a closer look.


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