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Adding Files

There is so much amazing content out there, but sometimes you come across something that isn’t a podcast. You can drop it into Pocket Casts.

  1. Open an app that has the audio or video files you’d like to play in Pocket Casts.
  2. Choose to share that file.
    Visual guide to sharing a file
  3. In the menu, tap “Save to Pocket Casts”.
    Visual guide showing how to save to Pocket Casts
  4. Confirm the name of file (by default we use the actual file name) or edit as required.

If the file has a compatible image embedded, we’ll display the image for you, otherwise we’ll use a default grey file image.

Pocket Casts Plus members can also add a custom images (supported image file types are listed here) for each file or choose from a selection of coloured file images.

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