Archiving Episodes

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Archiving Episodes

When you want to remove an episode from an Episode Filter or not show it in a podcast listing, you can choose to archive. There are several ways to do this:

To archive an episode

  • Swipe right to left over it in any episode list
  • Tap on an episode, and tap the archive icon
  • Long press on an episode in a list and tap the archive icon

To archive multiple episodes

  • In a podcast episode list or filter, long press on an episode and this will bring up the multi select option.
  • From there you have three options:
    • Tap each episode you’d like to archive
    • Tap the vertical ellipsis (3 dot menu) and tap Select all
    • Long press the episode again and tap Select all above or Select all below
  • The final step is to tap the archive icon
If you want to see episodes you’ve previously archived on a podcast page, choose the show archived option. To unarchive an episode you can either swipe it right to left or tap the unarchive button on the episode page.

Archiving an episode doesn’t change the playing status, so you won’t lose where you’re up to, and you’ll also always know whether you’ve played something or not.

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