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Customize the multi-select action bar

When in multi-select mode on a podcast’s page, in a filter, or in the Downloads list, you can customize the multi-select action bar with your two most used actions, and the rest are then only a tap away!

To enter multi-select mode you can:

  • Long press on any episode row.
  • Tap the three dot menu > Select Episodes.
  • Use the native 2 finger pan gesture.
This will bring up the multi-select action bar, giving you quick access to:
  • Play Next
  • Play Last
  • Download
  • Mark as Played
  • Archive
  • Star Episodes

To customize the multi-select action bar:

  1. Enter multi-select mode
  2. Select at least one episode
  3. Tap theĀ  three dot menu in the action bar
  4. Tap Edit
  5. Long press an action’s handle then drag the action to the preferred location within the SHORTCUT IN ACTION BAR or IN MENU sections.

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