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This feature requires a Pocket Casts Plus subscription  
To start using Folders, navigate to the app’s Podcasts area and hit the newly added folder icon in the top bar. From there, select the podcasts you want to place in the folder you just created.
Naming the folder
Next, name the folder — for instance, “Video Podcasts.”
Naming the folder
Finally, pick a color for your folder to make it stand out a bit.
Color Selection
Then click “Save Folder.” To create another folder, simply repeat the steps described above.

From version 7.20 onwards, the order of items on your Podcasts page is synced to your Pocket Casts account (whether it’s free or Plus). For Folders users, this means your created folders will appear on Android, iOS, and our Web and Desktop apps with everything in the positions you choose.

Folders Homepage
1) Where will I see the folders I create?
You will see them listed on the ‘Podcasts’ page, the place where you would normally see all of your subscriptions listed.
2) How can I add/remove podcasts from a folder?
You can select the folder, select the ellipsis on the top right, then press ‘Add or Remove Podcasts’:
Naming the folder
3) How can I delete a folder?
You will need to open the folder, press the ellipsis at the top right, and then choose ‘Edit Folder’ (1). You can then click on ‘Delete Folder’ (2)
How to delete a folder
Bonus question: Will the podcasts in my folder be deleted if I delete the folder?
  Nope, they will be unaffected and moved to the podcasts page. Just the folder gets deleted, not the contents within it.

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