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Storage management

Pocket Casts features a number of storage tools to help manage your episodes including options to:

  • Archive episodes after playing
  • Auto-archive inactive episodes
  • Delete downloaded episodes
  • Streaming instead of downloading

To access auto-archiving options

  1. Tap Profile
  2. Tap the Settings cog
  3. Select Auto Archive

Here you can configure how Pocket Casts should help you to clean up old episodes.

  • Played Episodes: choose whether episodes should be archived as soon as they are finished playing, at some point later, or never.
  • Inactive Episodes: episodes are considered inactive when you haven’t played, downloaded or un-archived within a given period of time.

If you don’t want to worry about downloading, you can tell the app to stream by default instead:

Stream by default

  1. Tap Profile
  2. Tap the Settings cog
  3. Select General
  4. Set Row Action to Play


iOS stores additional cache that is not visible to Pocket Casts. For this reason the storage use reported in the Settings app will be greater than what’s reported in Pocket Casts.

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