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How to change a subscription

To change your Pocket Casts Plus subscription payment frequency (monthly / yearly) when paying via Google Play or the Web, we suggest you do so at the end of the current subscription period:

  1. Cancel the current subscription – you will still have access to Pocket Casts Plus functionality until the end of the period for which you have paid
  2. At the end of that period, Renew your subscription by choosing a payment plan.

For users who are paying via the Apple App Store, you can follow the below steps:

  1. Use an iOS device which is connected to the Apple ID associated with your Pocket Casts account
  2. Go to the Settings app
  3. Tap on your Apple Account at the top to open your Apple ID information
  4. Tap on Subscriptions
  5. Locate Pocket Casts in the list
  6. Tap See All Plans
  7. Select the Monthly or Yearly plan
Please note that you must cancel a subscription on the same platform on which you originally subscribed – Google Play, App Store, or web. You can then resubscribe on any of these platforms.

If the subscription period has ended, your account will automatically convert to a Regular (free) Pocket Casts sync account. You can upgrade a Regular account to a Pocket Casts Plus account on any platform, at any time.


All files uploaded to your Pocket Casts cloud will be deleted if the subscription runs out (but downloaded files on your mobile devices will remain).

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