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How to download episodes

With podcasts made to be an on-the-go medium, it helps to have them downloaded and ready to go whenever and wherever you are. You can manually download the episodes you like individually or in bulk, or the app can be set to automatically download new episodes as they’re released.

To manually download an individual episode:

  • Tap on an episode row, then tap the download button.
  • In a list of episodes, the episode rows have a  play button by default. You can customise this to be a  download button instead so that you can download episodes with just one tap: Profile > settings cog > General > Row Action > Download.

To manually download episodes in bulk:

Multi-select mode

On a podcast’s page, or in a filter you can long press on any episode row to enter multi-select mode and then:
  • Select the episodes and tap Download in the multi-select action bar.
  • Or, long press the episode again and choose from Select all above or Select all below, then tap Download in the multi-select action bar.
  • Or, tap Select all at the top-left of the screen, then tap Download in the multi-select action bar.
By default, Download is in the action bar’s  three dot menu, but you can customise the action bar so that it is one of your shortcuts.

Download All

On a podcast’s page or in a filter, you can tap the three dot menu and select Download All to download all the visible episodes. If archived episodes are visible then they will be downloaded by this action, if they are hidden they won’t be downloaded.

For full list of your downloaded episodes, regardless of podcast subscription, tap Profile > Downloads.

To manage your downloads:

  • automatically delete the downloaded files once you are done via archiving,
  • or manually clear and manage the storage

Bulk downloading actions are limited to the first 100 episodes.

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