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Licensing error

A licensing error will appear if there is a problem with validating your purchase of the app. The following are examples of the most common causes, and action you can take to resolve the issue:

You are not signed into Google Play using the account that you purchased Pocket Casts with

  1. Confirm you are currently connected to the internet using cell or WiFi
  2. Verify which account you purchased the app with by finding your Google Play receipt
  3. Open Google Play and log in to that account
  4. Open Pocket Casts and tap Retry
  5. If you continue to receive an error, jump to the next section on this page

There is a problem with your Google Play records

  1. Have your Google Play receipt ready
  2. Contact Google to report this issue:
  3. Once your Google Play records have been updated open Pocket Casts and tap Retry

You are using a pirated version of the app

  1. Don’t pirate apps

It is not currently possible to transfer purchases between different Google Play accounts. If you’d like to do so, submit a request to Google.


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