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Playback effects

Pocket Casts features three types of optional audio effects: Playback speed, Remove silence and Volume boost.

To access audio effects

  1. While playing an episode, tap the mini player
  2. Select the audio effects icon

Choosing between effects

Playback speed

Slow down or speed up podcasts from anywhere between 0.5x to 3x. Playing at 2x reduces a 60 minute episode to 30 minutes.

Trim silence

Removes silences from audio without altering the cadence of the host.

Volume boost

Increases the volume of voices, while reducing background noise.

By default audio effects settings will be applied globally. To change audio effects on a per-podcast basis, go to the settings for that podcast and set them.

To see how much time audio effects have saved you, open 👤 Profile > Stats.

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