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Playing episodes and managing your queue

The Now Playing screen is where you can view the episode or file that is currently in the app’s player. From here you can interact with the episode, quickly view its Notes, access Chapters if the episode has any available, and access your Up Next queue if you have one.

To open the Now Playing screen, tap the mini player at the bottom of any screen within the app (if the mini player isn’t showing then there is no episode in the player and no Up Next queue available).

Now Playing

As well as play/pause, the Now Playing page has skip buttons with customisable durations and a customisable toolbar providing a variety of actions you can take:

  Playback Effects

  Sleep Timer

 Star Episode


  Go to Podcast


  Mark as Played


Some podcasts have per episode, and even per chapter, artwork embedded in their MP3s. You can view this in the full screen player by turning on the following setting: Profile > settings cog > Appearance > Use embedded podcast artwork.

Notes & Chapters

To access the Now Playing episode’s notes tap the Notes heading, or swipe the screen from right to left.


If the episode has chapters, there will also be a Chapters page available to tap or swipe to. To skip through chapters, tap the arrows directly below the artwork, or tap the chapter you wish to skip to on the Chapters page.

Up Next

Check out how to add episodes to the app’s playlist, Up Next, here. To view your Up Next queue tap the Up Next button on the mini player or in the full screen player, or swipe up in the full screen player.

To re-arrange your queue you can:

  • Long press the drag handle on an episode row to drag & drop the episode to a different spot in the queue.
  • Swipe an episode row from left to right. A short swipe will bring up buttons to send the episode to the top or bottom of the queue. A long swipe will send the episode to the top of the queue by default. You can change the default long swipe action via Profile > settings cog > General > Up Next swipe.
  • Tap the Multi-select button > select the episodes you wish to move > tap the vertical ellipsis > Move to Top or Move to Bottom.
To remove episodes from your queue while in the Up Next screen you can:
  • Tap an episode row > tap the remove from Up Next button on the episode card.
  • Swipe an episode in the queue from right to left.
  • Tap the Multi-select button and then:
    • select the episodes you wish to remove > tap Remove button in the toolbar.
    • tap the vertical ellipsis > Select all or Select none > tap Remove button in the toolbar.
    • long press an episode > Select all above or Select all below > tap Remove button in the toolbar.
  • Tap CLEAR QUEUE to remove all queued episodes. Please note that you will be asked to confirm this action if you have more than 3 episodes queued.

By default, a long press on an episode in your Up Next queue will automatically play that episode. You can change this to playing from only a tap on the episode row via Profile > settings cog > General > Play Up Next episode on tap.

While in multi-select mode in the Up Next screen, you can also download or archive episodes, or mark them as played.

Pro Tip:

Long press the skip forward button in the player for Mark played and Next episode options.


Archiving or marking an episode as played will automatically remove that episode from your Up Next queue.

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