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Podcast Artwork

Your podcast artwork is like a friendly face that helps listeners spot your podcast easily in a sea of other podcasts. It shows listeners what your podcast is all about, and you can use it as an extension of your podcast’s brand or identity.

In general, podcast artwork that works with other platforms will also work on Pocket Casts. So, you’ll rarely need to put in extra effort to ensure your artwork works on our platform. If you do find that your artwork isn’t showing up as expected in any of our apps, the information below may help.

My podcast is showing the old/wrong artwork.

First, make sure that your RSS feed already links to your new artwork. If it is, and Pocket Casts still isn’t updating, we normally just need to give the system time to catch up.

If only some of your listeners are seeing your old/wrong artwork, they can try going to Settings > Appearance in the mobile apps and clicking “Refresh All Podcast Artwork.”

Should you continue to have issues with how your artwork appears in our apps, please email us. We’re here to help!

My episode or chapter artwork isn’t showing up.

We support per-episode and per-chapter artwork, although it is quite limited currently. Right now, we only support artwork that’s embedded into the episode files themselves. For that to work, listeners need to enable the “Use embedded podcast artwork” setting under Profile > Settings > Appearance.

Per-episode and per-chapter artwork that’s specified in feeds is not yet supported.

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