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Podcast page

Tapping on a podcast you’ve searched for, or one that’s caught your eye in the Discover tab, will take you to that podcast’s page. There you can view information about the podcast including its list of available episodes.

You can stream and download episodes from a podcast’s page without subscribing to it, but adding the podcast to your subscriptions will give you access to extra settings to customise your app experience. You can find a list of your subscriptions in the Podcasts tab.

Tap the Subscribe button to add the podcast to your subscriptions. Tap the green subscribed tick to unsubscribe from the podcast.

Tap the ∨ or the podcast’s artwork to see the podcast’s description and details. Tap the ∧ or the podcast’s artwork again to hide this info.

You can connect to a Chromecast device and Share a link to the podcast from this page.

The search bar lets you search the episode titles and show notes within this podcast.

When subscribed, tap the bell icon to turn new episode notifications ON /OFF

When subscribed, tap the settings cog to access per podcast settings:

The three dot menu gives options for arranging episodes and other actions you can take, whether subscribed to the podcast or not: Sort Episodes, Group Episodes, Download All, Archive All

Show Archived / Hide Archived lets you quickly see and hide archived episodes for this podcast. This option is also available as a global setting: Profile > General > Archived Episodes.

Episode Lists

An episode row has episode’s title, the podcast’s artwork, and a quick way to stream or download the episode. You can long press on  the row action (a play or download icon) and choose from Download/Stream, Play next and Play last.

Tap on the episode row to open its episode card for further actions you can take, and to view its show notes.

☆ Star


Download  /  Delete download  /  Stop downloading

Add to Up Next  /  Remove from Up Next


Mark Played  /  Mark Unplayed

Archive  /  Unarchive

On a podcast’s page or in a filter, you can long press on a play or download icon and choose from Download/Stream or Play next and Play last.

Multi-select mode

On a podcast’s page or in a filter, you can long press on any episode row and then:

  • Select episodes and then choose from the actions in the toolbar
  • Or, long press the episode row again and choose from Select all above or Select all below, and then choose from the actions in the toolbar
  • Or, tap Select all at the top-left of the screen, and then choose from the actions in the toolbar.

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