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Podcasts Tab

The podcast tab is the main display of your current podcast subscriptions. To access tap the Podcasts Tab.

To see episode titles, you’ll want to click on a particular podcast in the Podcasts Tab. This will take you to the podcast’s page in the app, which will list episode titles. Alternatively, if your goal is to see the titles of newly released episodes for podcasts you are subscribed to, you can go to Filters > New Releases.

To customize the Podcasts view

Tap the top right icon to select from the following options:


Choose from off – to have no badges, All unfinished – a count of unfinished episodes, or only latest episodes – an indicator for just the latest episode


Choose from the large grid, small grid or list layouts

Sort by

Sort podcasts by Podcast Name, Episode Release Date, Date Added or Drag & Drop (long press on a podcast tile to drag it to re-order)

Share Podcast 

  1. Choose either Select all or tap the individual podcasts you’d like to include in this list
  2. Provide a title and optionally a description
  3. When you’re done, tap the tick icon to create the share list
  4. You’ll be given a URL you can send to people (or post on social media).

An example of what these lists look like can be seen here.

Pro Tip:

Podcasts with no unplayed episodes will be moved to the bottom of the grid when sorting by Episode Release Date.

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