From version 7.43, ratings have been available on Pocket Casts for podcasts meeting certain criteria.



Where do podcast ratings come from?

The ratings displayed in Pocket Casts are collected from a number of different third-party sources, one of which is Apple Podcasts. The data from each source is combined and processed through our custom aggregation algorithm that uses different factors to generate a refined rating for each podcast.

One of the factors taken into consideration is rating freshness, which allows our rating to be adaptive and reflect a more present and accurate value.

Because of this algorithmic magic, our rating may differ from other platforms.


Can I add my own ratings?

Not yet. 😉


Why do I not see a rating for a certain podcast?

First and foremost, a podcast has to be public for it to have ratings. If the podcast is already public but doesn’t have ratings, we may not have enough data for it yet.