1. iOS
  2. Siri


Pocket Casts supports Siri voice commands to control playback via Siri.

Trigger the Assistant by long pressing the home button / the side button, or saying ‘Hey Siri’.¬†Once you do here are some things you can say:

  • Play [podcast name] on Pocket Casts‘ – To play the top unplayed episode from a podcast
  • Pause Pocket Casts‘ – To pause currently playing
  • Play Pocket Casts‘ – To resume currently playing
  • ‘Skip Forward’ orSkip Back’
    • By default the skip command will skip 15 seconds forward or backward
    • You can also specify your own times e.g: Skip forward 2 minutes

You can choose the siri commands available in siri shortcuts settings within the app.

  • Profile > Settings > Siri shortcuts
  • Tap on the + on the command you wish to add shortcut and follow the prompts
  • A shortcut can also be added to a specific podcast and a specific filter on the same page or via the filter and podcast setting itself.

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