Sync Issues

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Sync Issues

As long as you are logged in to your Pocket Casts account, we’ll securely store certain information for you. If you’re running into sync issues, please first look at whether the information you are expecting to sync is included in Pocket Casts sync.

What Syncs

  • Podcast subscriptions
  • Up Next
  • Listening history (display limit is 1000 on mobile apps, and 100 on web/desktop player)
  • Filters
  • Stats
  • Skip First/Skip Last settings
  • Playback position
  • Archived/Starred/Played statuses
  • Folders

What Doesn’t Sync

User settings, including:
  • Add to Up Next
  • Auto Downloads
  • Podcasts page layout
  • Notifications
  • Playback Effects

Sync Troubleshooting

After you’ve confirmed that the information you’re expecting to sync is indeed part of Pocket Casts sync:
  • Check whether you’re logged in to the same account under each app’s “Profile” screen—through the “Profile” icon in the web and desktop apps, and the “Profile” tab in the mobile apps

  • While you’re in each “Profile” screen too, see if there are any errors there
If the above looks good, the discrepancy in information across devices is likely from at least one app having been logged out at some point. For example, any changes you’ve made to starred, archived, and played statuses while logged out will not get uploaded to our servers. That information would be device-only. To remedy this, you’d want to mark problem episodes as starred/archived/played while logged in to your account. You may find using Multi-Select particularly helpful as it would allow you to manage episodes in bulk.