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Up Next & continuous playback

Up Next is a playlist that displays all of the episodes currently queued to play continuously. If you prefer to have the app do this for you, you can set it up to auto-add things to Up Next:

To automatically add new episodes to Up Next

  1. Open a podcast
  2. Tap the settings cog to go to Podcast Settings
  3. Toggle on Add To Up Next
    • Choose the position in the queue – Bottom or Top

If you like to control what added to the queue. The quickest way to add an episode to Up Next is to use the table row swipe actions:

Up next Swipe Actions

In both a podcast and filter you can short swipe an episode row left to right to reveal play next and play last actions.

On a full swipe it defaults the action to play next. This setting can be changed Profile > Settings > General > Up Next Swipe > play next or play last.

Episode card

You can also add to Up Next by tapping the action on an Episode card.

  1. Tap on the episode row
  2. Tap on the Up Next icon – choose from Play Next or Play Last

If you want a quick way to add a lot of episodes to Up Next then the next tip is for you.

Long press on episode

Long press on any episode in a list and choose ‘Play All From Here

More info on Up Next here : https://blog.pocketcasts.com/7-6-up-next-changes/


The app will stop auto-adding episodes to Up Next if the list becomes bigger than 100 episodes long.

Pro Tip:

To view your Up Next list, tap the Up Next icon on the mini player, or on the player. You can also view the Up Next page by swiping up in the player.

Pro Tip:

To rearrange your Up Next list, hold the ≡ handle to drag and drop. Tap the Select button from vertical ellipsis to enter multi-select mode. You can choose as many episodes as you want to perform an action on. With multi-select, you can download, archive, mark played, remove, or move episodes in bulk. 

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