In-app email

If you’ve contacted us on Twitter, you may have been asked to send an in-app email. In-app emails contain an attachment that will give us some information that may be useful in resolving your support request.

To send an in-app email

  1. Tap the Profile tab
  2. Tap the settings cog
  3. Select Help & feedback
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  5. Tap Get in touch
  6. Select Get Support
  7. Describe the issue and tap Send

Crash or Application Not Responding

If Pocket Casts crashes, Android will prompt you to report the crash to us. Tap Report, add any relevant information and tap send. If you’ve noticed a set of steps you can follow to reliably repeat a crash, be sure to include them.

Duplicate episodes

From time to time, a podcast author may republish an episode, causing it to appear in Pocket Casts more than once.

This is usually accidental, so if you see a duplicate episode let the podcast authors know. After they fix the issue, the app will update itself after a week or two and remove episodes that are no longer in the feed.

Missing new episodes

From time to time, a podcast will stop releasing new episodes.

The following is a list of common reasons

  • The podcast feed contains an error
  • The podcast feed is not accessible to check for new episodes
  • The podcast feed has been changed, but not redirected (Podcast authors: click here)
  • The podcast has been retired and no new episodes will be published


If you’re not sure why a podcast you are subscribed to is not being updated, get in touch with the podcast authors for more information.


Missing old episodes (eg This American Life)

The number of episodes available for any podcast is decided by the podcast author and can differ from the list available on their website.

This American Life for example, lists only the latest few episodes in their podcast feed at any given time.


If you would like to access even more episodes, contact the podcast authors.

Download & playback errors

Episodes can fail to download or play for a variety of reasons, the majority of which can be fixed by contacting the podcast author.

If an episode fails, tap on the episode to see the error message.

Common examples of errors and suggested action:

  • Episode not available due to an error in the podcast feed. Contact the podcast author.
  • Unable to download from the podcast author. Reason: Forbidden. Contact the podcast author.
  • Episode not found, the file may have been moved or deleted. Contact the podcast author.
  • Download failed, error code [***]. Contact the podcast author.
  • Episode not found, the file may have been moved or deleted. Contact the podcast author.
  • Your device may not have enough storage to save the episode file. Try clearing out some unused apps or played episodes.
  • This episode appears to be a in a format we can’t play, some other apps might be able to though?
  • Write failed: EIO (I/O error). There is an issue with saving episodes to your SD card.
  • Open failed: ENOENT (No such file or directory). There is an issue with playing episodes from your SD card.


If you are saving episodes to an SD card, click here.

Language support

You can subscribe to non-English podcasts by searching using the podcast’s native name or URL in Discover.

Pocket Casts’ interface is currently only available in English. We may translate the app to other languages in the future.

Sharing podcasts and episodes

A Pocket Casts share link is a URL you can use to share podcasts, episodes or a position within an episode. You can find this action in the player toolbar options which can be customized to include the four most used actions in the toolbar and the rest are only a tap away.

To create a share link from the player

  1. Open the full screen player
  2. Tap the share icon in the toolbar at the bottom of the player
  3. Select share podcast / share episode or current position
  4. Select an app from the share sheet or choose to copy the link

To create a share link for an episode in podcast page

  1. Tap on an episode row
  2. Select the share  icon in the top right
  3. Select share link to episode or current position
  4. Select an app from the share sheet or choose to copy the link

To create a share link for a podcast

  1. Tap a podcast
  2. Select the share icon in the top right
  3. Select an app from the share sheet

To create a share link for a different position in an episode

  1. Share the episode using one of the methods above
  2. Add a time stamp to the end of the link in the following format: #t=32m or #t=32:00. The share link should look like this:


user added file cannot be shared

Third party integration

Pocket Casts integrates with the third party app Tasker to perform commands when a certain activity occurs. For example, you can use Tasker to play the current episode in Pocket Casts when you plug in your headphones.

To add an action to Tasker

  1. Open the Tasker app
  2. Select System
  3. Then Send Intent.
  4. Into the Package field enter
  5. Type one of the below codes into the Action field:

Play the podcast episode that is currently paused in Pocket Casts

Pause the podcast episode

Play the next episode in the Up Next

Jump forward x number of seconds

Jump backward x number of seconds

Look for new podcast episodes

App refresh

By default, Pocket Casts will automatically check for episode periodically and also when you open the app.

To manually force a refresh to check for new episodes

  1. Tap the Profile tab
  2. Tap the Refresh Now button