Cell or mobile data

By default, Pocket Casts is configured to use some mobile data, but not for auto download episodes.

To be warned before using any data to stream or download an episode

  1. Tap the Profile tab
  2. Tap the settings cog
  3. Storage & data use
  4. Enable Warn before using data

To use mobile data to auto download episodes (not recommended):

  1. Tap the Profile tab
  2. Tap the settings cog
  3. Auto download
  4. Turn off Only on unmetered


You will also find auto download options in the settings of each Episode Filter.


While the “Only on unmetered WiFi” setting is toggled on, you can still manually download episodes while using data.

Auto downloads

Pocket Casts can be set to automatically download new episodes as they are released. You can manually download the episodes you like individually or in bulk, or can configure auto downloads from the following sections of the app:

Settings for Up next episodes

  1. Tap Profile
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Select Auto download
  4. Toggle up next 

Settings for all New episodes

  1. Tap Profile
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Select Auto download
  4. Toggle Podcasts New episodes  
  5. Tap Choose podcast
    • then select all (podcasts subscribed to in future will be included)
    • or choose individual podcasts to auto download episodes for only those podcasts (no future podcast subscriptions will be added automatically)

Settings for Filters

  1. Tap Profile
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Select Auto download
  4. Under Filters Select All Filters 
  5. Tap select all, or tap individual filters to auto download episodes for only some filters.

Individual Podcast Settings

  1. Tap Podcasts
  2. Select a podcast
  3. Select Podcast settings
  4. Toggle Auto Download

Episode Filter Settings

  1. Tap Filters
  2. Tap an episode filters
  3. Select the top right three dot icon
  4. Tap Filter settings
  5. Toggle Auto Download
    • You can limit the number of episodes to be downloaded

To manage your downloads:

    • automatically delete the downloaded files once you are done via archiving,
    • or manually clear and manage the storage

If you need to cancel all the queued or waiting to be downloaded episodes tap Cancel all downloads on the global auto download page.

To clear all the download errors and retry tap Clear all download errors on the global auto download page.


If the “Only on unmetered WiFi” setting is not toggled on, you may incur significant mobile data fees and is not recommended.


Pocket Casts can be configured to notify you when new episodes are available.

To enable notifications

  1. Tap the Profile tab
  2. Tap the settings cog
  3. Select Notifications
  4. Toggle New episodesNotify me
    • Choose podcasts you want to be notified on
    • Select Actions you want on the notification shade (choose 3 out of 5 actions)

While you are on the podcast’s page tap the 🔔 bell icon to enable notifications for that podcast.

New episode notifications will appear in the notification shade and on your lock screen.


Episode filters

CreatingUsing Filters & Managing Filters

Pocket Casts features episode filters to help you organize episodes.

Creating Filters

Step 1 Tap the + icon on the Filters tab.

Step 2 Customise the filter – the filtering options are:

    • Podcasts (default is “All Podcasts” but you can toggle that off and select just the podcasts you want)
    • Episode Status (default is all episodes but you can change to “Unplayed” and/or “In Progress” and/or “Played”)
    • Release Date (default is “Anytime” but you can choose either: last 24 hrs, last 3 days, last week, last 2 weeks, or last month)
    • Duration (off by default – toggle on “Filter by duration” and set “Longer than” and/or “Shorter than”)
    • Download Status (default is “All” but you can choose either “Downloaded” or “Not Downloaded”)
    • Media Type (default is “All” but you can choose either “Audio” or “Video”)
    • Starred (default is all episodes included whether Starred or not, but tapping this will include only Starred episodes)

After you choose each option tap Show result. Once you have finished selecting filtering options, tap Continue.

NOTE: only episodes associated with a podcast to which you are subscribed can be included.

Step 3 Name the filter and select a colour and icon (please note these are visual selections only), then tap Save filter.

Create filter Step 1 screen

Once the filter is created, you can tap the three dot menu to:

Screenshot highlighting where to find the vertical ellipsis to access the sub menu

  • Play All : Create a new Up Next list with the episodes in this filter.
  • Download All episodes in the filter, up to a maximum of 100 episodes at a time.
  • Access Filter Settings: here you can change the filter’s name and icon, and turn Auto Download on/off – this is off by default; if toggled on you have the option of auto downloading the first 5, 10, 20, 40, or 100 episodes (set to 10 by default).

Filter settings screenshot showing auto download option

Using Filters

To get you started, by default Pocket Casts displays the following episode filters:

  • New Releases: All unplayed, and unfinished episodes, released in the last 2 weeks
  • In Progress: All unfinished episodes
  • Starred: only Starred episodes are included.

Get creative with your own filters by grouping podcast according to your weekly activities like driving, workouts/exercise or night time listening.

You can have more granular control over each list by utilising the starred option. So if you have a selection of music episodes that are perfect for your nightly workout, your filter might look something like this;

    • Podcasts – 4 podcasts chosen
    • Episodes – Played, In Progress (you’ve already listened to them or started listening to them to know they motivate you)
    • Release date – Any Time
    • Download status – Downloaded (you keep these episodes on your phone so you don’t need to worry about data costs or network reliability)
    • Media type – All
    • Starred is on

Next time you’re ready to kick off your workout, your filter gives you quick access to all of your motivational episodes. Then you can play the whole filter (three dot menu > Play All), play individual episodes, or add episodes to your Up Next queue.

To change the selected filtering options of an existing filter, go into the filter then tap the filter’s name to bring up the options to change or choose from.

Multi-select option

  •  Long press on any episode in a list to activate the multi select option then:
    • select the episodes and select the actions from the top toolbar menu
    • or long press again and choose from Select all above or Select all below,
    • or tap the vertical ellipsis, tap Select all, then select the actions from the top toolbar menu:
      • Download
      • Archive
      • Mark as Played
      • Play Next
      • Play Last
      • Star Episodes

While in multi-select mode, you can customise the toolbar with your 4 most used actions and the rest are then only a tap away. To customise, tap the three dot menu in the multi-select toolbar > select Edit and hold the ≡ handle to drag and drop the actions to your preferred location > tap <- back to save the changes.

Managing filters

To delete a filter go the the Filters screen > Tap the vertical ellipsis (three dots) in the top right corner and tap “Delete filter“.

To Sort episodes by : Newest to Oldest, Oldest to Newest, Shortest to Longest, or Longest to Shortest, tap

To re-arrange the order of your filters you can long press the filter row and drag & drop filters to the preferred locations.


Some podcasts support chapters, which can include links, text and images associated with a particular time in an episode.

To view chapter when supported, open the full screen player, there will be a Chapters page available to tap or swipe to.

Tap the arrows directly below the artwork, to skip through chapters. To see all chapters, tap the chapter page.

Tap on a chapter row to jump to that part of the podcast on chapter page.


Pocket Casts supports MP3 chapters. Unlike the iOS app it doesn’t support the proprietary Apple M4A chapters format.

Android TV

Pocket Casts does not currently support Android TV, though it may in the future.

Android Auto

Pocket Casts has full support for Android Auto. This means when you plug your phone into your Android Auto enabled vehicle, you’ll be able to listen to your podcasts seamlessly while on the go.

To launch Pocket Casts on Android Auto

  1. Tap the audio icon in Android Auto
  2. If you are taken to another audio app tap the audio icon again
  3. Pocket Casts will appear as an app you can select

From the Android Auto interface you can browse your podcasts and episode filters. Tapping on an episode will cause it to play. When in the player you’ll have the standard play/pause and skip back and forward controls.

Where supported you can also star epsiodes as well as change their playback rate from the Android Auto interface. If you created an Up Next queue before launching Android Auto, that will also be available.

Playback on TV & external speakers

You can play podcast episodes from Pocket Casts on your headset, TV or speakers using Bluetooth, Chromecast, Chromecast Audio and any other Google Cast enabled devices. Additionally Pocket Casts also supports some smart speaker systems, currently Alexa and Sonos.

See this article for more information about how to setup the Amazon Alexa integration.

To play episodes over bluetooth

  1. Open the Settings app on your device
  2. Tap Bluetooth
  3. Pair with your chosen bluetooth device
  4. Open Pocket Casts and tap play on any episode

To play episodes with Google Cast devices

  1. Setup your casting device and join your local WiFi network
  2. Make sure your Android device is on the same WiFi network
  3. Tap the Google Cast button in Pocket Casts to connect
  4. Tap play on any episode in Pocket Casts


In the player, you can access the cast button via the player toolbar’s 3 dot menu, or as this toolbar is customisable, you can move the cast button into the player if you wish.

To play episodes on Sonos devices

  1. Open the Sonos app and add Pocket Casts as a music service
  2. When prompted to link your Pocket Casts Account to your Sonos Account
  3. You can now browse and play your podcasts through the Sonos app

Sleep timer

Pocket Casts features a sleep timer that will automatically pause playback after a set time period. You can find this action in the player toolbar options which can be customized to include the four most used actions in the toolbar and the rest are only a tap away.

To enable the sleep timer

  1. Start playback of an episode
  2. Tap the mini player
  3. Select the sleep icon
  4. Choose from 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes or, End of episode

To extend the sleep timer

  1. Tap on the sleep icon
  2. Select from add +5 minutes  or change to end of episode. 

To end the sleep timer

  1. Tap the sleep icon then choose Cancel Timer.

Customise row action – Stream / Download

Episode rows come with a customisable button to ▶︎ stream or ⤓ download an episode with just one tap.

By default, Pocket Casts is set to stream episodes – tap the ▶︎ Play button to get started.

To switch the app to download by default instead:

  1. Tap Profile
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Open General
  4. Change the Row action from Play to Download 
Long press on an episode row’s ⤓ Download button for the option to stream the episode instead.

When an episode is already downloaded, the episode row will show a ▶︎ Play button.

When in streaming mode, to download an episode manually:

  1. Tap on the episode row
  2. Tap the ⤓ Download button on the episode card
Or, long press on an episode row’s ▶︎ Play button for the option to download the episode instead.
You can manually download the episodes you like individually or in bulk, or the app can be set to automatically download new episodes as they’re released.

Downloaded episodes will have a green  under the episode title on the episode row.