Video podcasts

Pocket Casts supports playback of video episodes in landscape and portrait orientation.

To switch a video episode to audio only, simply close the full screen player.

Skip controls

By default, Pocket Casts supports skipping through episodes, back 10 seconds and forward 30 seconds.

To customize the skip intervals

  1. Tap 👤Profile
  2. Tap Settings⚙️
  3. Select General
  4. Edit the Skip forward and Skip back options

You can skip through episodes from the following locations:

Full screen player 

Tap the mini player to open the full screen player.


Long press on your home screen to add the widget.


Swipe down from the top of your screen to show notifications.

Lock screen

Press the power button on your device to display the lock screen.

Pro Tip:

Long press on the skip forward button on full screen player gives you an option to mark that episode played or move to the next episode in the queue.

Auto Skipping

Some podcasts have a fixed-length intro and/or outro that is repeated in each episode. They are all amazing, of course, but sometimes you just don’t want to hear the jingle for the 7th million time.

To automatically skip episode intros and/or outros

  1. Tap the podcast
  2. Tap settings cog ⚙️
  3. Set Skip First to the number of seconds to be skipped at the beginning of each episode for this podcast
  4. Set Skip Last to the number of seconds to be skipped at the end of each episode for this podcast

To see how much time Auto Skipping have saved you, open 👤 Profile > Stats.


These settings are specific to each podcast and will sync across all devices under the same sync account.

Playback effects

Pocket Casts features three types of optional audio effects: Playback speed, Trim silence and Volume boost.

You can find this action in the player toolbar options which can be customized to include the four most used actions in the toolbar and the rest are only a tap away.

To access audio effects

  1. While playing an episode, tap the mini player
  2. Select the audio effects icon

Choosing between effects

Playback speed

Slow down or speed up podcasts from anywhere between 0.5x to 3x. Playing at 2x reduces a 60 minute episode to 30 minutes.

Trim silence

Trim silences from audio without altering the cadence of the host.

You can now choose how aggressive you want your silence trimming to be:

    • Mild (default when turned on)
    • Medium
    • Mad Max

Volume boost

Increases the volume of playback without changing your device volume.

By default audio effects settings will be saved for all your podcasts. To change audio effects on a per-podcast basis, go to the settings for that podcast and set them.

To see how much time audio effects have saved you, open 👤 Profile > Stats.

You can find more information about playback effects in this blog post.

Continuous playback – Adding episodes to the Up Next playlist

Sometimes you want to binge an entire series. Sometimes you want to mix it up and listen to all of your podcasts regardless of release. Up Next, the app’s playlist, allows you to create a queue that plays the podcasts you want to hear in the order you want to hear them, with continuous playback.

To automatically add new release episodes to Up Next

  1. Open a podcast
  2. Tap the settings cog
  3. Toggle on Add to Up Next
    • Choose the position in the queue – Play last or Play next

Please note that the app will stop automatically adding episodes to Up Next if the list becomes bigger than 100 episodes long.

To manually add single episodes to Up Next

  • Short swipe an episode row from left to right to reveal buttons to add the episode to play next or play last.

  • A long swipe from left to right on an episode row will add the episode to play next by default. This setting can be changed to play last via Profile > settings cog > General > Up next swipe.
  • Long press on an episode row’s Play/Download button > Play next or Play last.

You can also add an episode to Up Next by tapping the Up next button on its episode card:

  1. Tap the episode row
  2. Tap the  Up Next button
  3. Select Play next or Play last

To manually add episodes to Up Next in bulk

  • Long press an episode row in any episode list > select episodes > tap the Play last button in the toolbar.
  • Long press an episode row > long press the episode row again > Select all above or Select all below > tap the Play last button in the toolbar.
  • Long press an episode row > three dot menu > Select all > tap the  Play last button in the toolbar.

To remove episodes from your Up Next queue

Via a podcast’s page or filter:

  • Tap an episode row > tap the remove from Up Next button on the episode card.
  • Swipe an episode from left to right.

Via the Up Next screen:

  • Tap an episode row > tap the remove from Up Next button on the episode card.
  • Swipe an episode from right to left.
  • Tap the multi-select button in the Up Next queue to enter multi-select mode > select episodes you wish to remove > tap   remove from Up Next button in the toolbar.
  • Tap CLEAR QUEUE to remove all queued episodes. Please note that you will be asked to confirm this action if you have more than 2 episodes queued.

You can find more info about managing your Up Next queue, as well as info on how to use the app’s player, here.


To view your Up Next list, tap the Up Next icon on the mini player, or in the player. You can also view the Up Next page by swiping up when in the player.

OPML export

An OPML is a file that allows you to transfer your podcasts subscriptions between podcast apps without having to manually subscribe to each podcast one by one.

To export an OPML

  1. Tap the Profile tab
  2. Tap the settings cog
  3. Select Import & Export OPML
  4. Tap Send email or Save file

YouTube subscriptions

Downloading YouTube videos in third party apps is not permitted by YouTube, and therefore not supported by Pocket Casts.

Unsubscribing from a podcast

From time to time, you might like to remove a podcast from your subscriptions.

To unsubscribe from a podcast and delete its episodes

  1. Open the podcast
  2. Tap the subscribed tick
  3. Select Unsubscribe

Podcast artwork

The podcast artwork that Pocket Casts displays is supplied by podcast authors. The Android app should refresh the artwork itself when the author changes it, but if it doesn’t you can use the steps below to force a refresh.

To refresh the artwork for all podcasts:

  1. Tap the Profile tab
  2. Tap Settings ⚙️ 
  3. Select Appearance
  4. Tap Refresh all podcast artwork

Episode and Chapter Artwork

Some podcasts have per episode, and even per chapter, artwork embedded in their MP3s. You can view this in the full screen player by turning on the following setting:

Profile > settings cog > Appearance > Use embedded podcast artwork


Pocket Casts does not support custom artwork.

Podcasts Tab

The podcast tab is the main display of your current podcast subscriptions. To access tap the Podcasts Tab.

To customize the Podcasts view

Tap the top right icon to select from the following options:


Choose from off – to have no badges, All unfinished – a count of unfinished episodes, or only latest episodes – an indicator for just the latest episode


Choose from the large grid, small grid or list layouts

Sort by

Sort podcasts by Podcast Name, Episode Release Date, Date Added or Drag & Drop (long press on a podcast tile to drag it to re-order)

Share Podcast 

  1. Choose either Select all or tap the individual podcasts you’d like to include in this list
  2. Provide a title and optionally a description
  3. When you’re done, tap the tick icon to create the share list
  4. You’ll be given a URL you can send to people (or post on social media).

An example of what these lists look like can be seen here.

Pro Tip:

Podcasts with no unplayed episodes will be moved to the bottom of the grid when sorting by Episode Release Date.