Can I use keyboard media keys to control playback?

Most browsers don’t support this feature but there is an Chrome extension which makes this possible Streamkeys.

When using Chrome 73+, the new Edge, Brave (any Chromium browser), you are able to use Media Session. It adds the ability to control what’s currently playing in any browser tab without returning to the page that launched it, from a standard pop up menu in the browser as well as with media keys on your keyboard.

Tap the media control icon on the browser to use media pop up control, or use the keyboard media keys (skip backwards, play/pause, and skip forward).

You can press the question mark key at any time in the Web Player to get the list of our keyboard shortcuts

Can I use this service offline?

Pocket Casts streams content online so you’ll need an internet connection to use the service. You can, however, download episode files for offline playback using your media player of choice.

Simply tap on the episode row > tap the download button on episode card > click the three dot more button > then Download file.

Missing new episodes

From time to time, a podcast will stop releasing new episodes.

The following is a list of common reasons

  • The podcast feed contains an error
  • The podcast feed is not accessible to check for new episodes
  • The podcast feed has been changed, but not redirected (more info here)
  • The podcast has been retired and no new episodes will be published


If you’re not sure why a podcast you are subscribed to is not being updated, get in touch with the podcast authors for more information.


Some podcasts support chapters, which can include links, text and images associated with a particular time in an episode.

To view chapter when supported, open the full screen player, there will be a Chapters page available to tap or swipe to.

Tap the arrows directly below the artwork, to skip through chapters. To see all chapters, tap the chapter page.

Tap on a chapter row to jump to that part of the podcast on chapter page.


Pocket Casts supports both AAC and MP3 chapters.

Linking to my show

The easiest way to link directly to your show is to paste your feed URL into this page: Please ensure you check the public podcast check box so it can be shared with anyone, or appear in search for everyone.

This will give you a short URL you can use to link directly to your shows page in Pocket Casts and allow people to subscribe with only a few taps.

We also have assets for use on your website that are available from the Podcast Producers information & resources page on our website.

Submitting podcasts

Adding your podcast to Pocket Casts is as simple as submitting it here.

Once you’ve added it you will get a Pocket Casts link to share with your listeners. It can take a little while before it appears in search so don’t panic if it’s not there instantly.

Podcast feed redirection

When changing your podcast feed, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Insert this tag into your existing podcast feed, inside the channel tag:
  2. Set your web server to return an HTTP 301 response and redirect when receiving a request for the old feed.

Keep these in place for at least a month to ensure all of your listeners are redirected to the new feed.

Pro Tip:

Consider also including an audio note in your podcast episodes to inform your listeners of the change.


Cell or mobile data

By default, Pocket Casts will not use your mobile data to auto download episodes.

Pocket Casts will use a minimal amount of mobile data for the following tasks:

  • Syncing
  • Checking for new episodes
  • Opening episode notes
  • Manually refreshing podcast artwork

To use mobile data to auto download episodes

  1. Open the main menu by swiping right from the left edge of your screen
  2. Tap Downloads
  3. Select the more icon
  4. Tap Auto Download Settings
  5. Toggle Auto Download on
  6. Toggle Use Mobile Data on


Enabling Use Mobile Data to auto download episodes may incur significant mobile data fees and is not recommended.

Pocket Casts crashed

If Pocket Casts crashes, the next time you successfully launch the app, we will receive a crash log containing some information that may help us diagnose and fix the issue.