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Starring episodes

Adding a star to an episode will prevent it from being automatically deleted according to your Auto Archiving settings.

You can find this action in the player toolbar options which can be customized to include the four most used actions in the toolbar and the rest are only a tap away.

To add a star to the currently playing episode

  1. Tap the mini player
  2. In the full player screen tap the star icon ☆ from the toolbar (which can be customized)

To add a star to individual episode from podcast page or filter

  1. Tap the episode row
  2. Tap the star icon ☆ in the top right

To add a star to multiple episodes from a podcast page or filter

Long press on any episode row to enter multi-select mode and then:

  • Select the episodes and tap Star Episodes in the multi-select action bar.
  • Or, long press the episode again and choose from Select all above or Select all below, then tap Star Episodes in the multi-select action bar.
  • Or, tap Select all at the top-left of the screen, then tap Star Episodes in the multi-select action bar.

By default, Star Episodes is in the action bar’s  three dot menu, but you can customise the action bar so that it is one of your shortcuts.

You can also enter multi-select mode by tapping the three dot menu > Select Episodes.

To organise your starred episodes for podcasts you’re subscribed to

  1. Group Episodes within a podcast
    On a podcast’s page tap the three dot menu > Group Episodes > select Starred.
  2. Create a Filter
    Tap Filter > follow the steps to create and configure + New Filter > tap Starred.


Profile > Starred is where you can see all of your starred episodes from both subscribed and not subscribed podcasts.


User added files cannot be starred.

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