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Subscribing to podcasts

The Pocket Casts podcast database includes over 700,000 unique shows, including every podcast available in iTunes.

To find new podcasts, tap the Discover tab.

New to version 7 is that you can now play episodes without subscribing to a podcast. So feel free to stream or download episodes straight from Discover and subscribe when you know you want to keep up with the entire show.

To search for a specific podcast

  1. Tap the search box
  2. Enter the podcast name, podcast author, feed URL/RSS feed or iTunes URL
  3. Tap the Search button on your keyboard

Once you’ve found the show you’d like to subscribe to, tap the + icon to add it to your subscriptions.

Pro Tip:

If you have a SoundCloud link, you can use this tool to extract the feed URL, then paste that into the search box.

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